What’s Included in a Home Inspection

home inspection

You have prepared to sell your home and attempted to increase the value of your home with various repairs and upgrades. Once you have an offer from an interested buyer, your home will then need to go through a home inspector from a licensed inspector.

This post will prepare you for the home inspection and let you know what ares of the home the inspector will evaluate:

#1. ROOF

One of the first things most home inspectors check is the roof. A good inspector will climb on the roof and inspect the shingles and how well the roof is holding up. You can help improve the report if you repair or replace broken shingles before the inspector’s arrival at your home. You can also replace your roof before the inspection if needed and include the cost of the new roof in your asking price for your home.


The home inspection includes a thorough inspection of the plumbing in your home. All your sinks need to turn on and off and your drains need to drain properly. If you are aware of clogged drains prior to the appointment, we recommend you unclog them before the inspection.


Your circuit breaker and outlets will be tested during the inspection. Be sure to replace burnt out lightbulbs prior to the inspection and if necessary, hire an electrician to ensure your home is up to code and nothing will fail the report from the inspector.


Is your home properly insulated? The inspector will check your attic to determine the level and quality of the insulation in your home. You can add more insulation if need be or upgrade the current insulation to something that conserves more energy.

#5. HVAC

Most air conditioning units and furnaces do not last much longer than 10 years. If your furnace or AC unit are 9-10 years old or older, we recommend replacing them prior to the inspection and including the cost of the installation in the selling price.


  • Scan the perimeter of your home and ensure downspouts drain away from the foundation of your home
  • Repair tears in window screens and door frames
  • Replace a broken doorbell
  • Replace a broken garbage disposal
  • Refinish or repair your patio or outdoor area

These tips should help you pass your home inspection and sell your home right after!