What to Clean Before an Open House


Your real estate agent will want to schedule one or two open houses in order to showcase your home for sale. A good open house can bring in 10 or more interested buyers within two hours so you want to be sure you make a good impression on them. One way to do this is to ensure the house is 100% clean before the open house.

This list includes everything you should clean before an open house:

#1. Bathtub/Shower

You should scrub your bathtub or shower and remove all soap scum and grime from the tub basin and the shower tiles. You can use a vinegar cleaning solution to do this or more powerful store-bought cleaning solutions. Your bathroom will be one of the major selling features of your home so you do not want to a dirty tub or shower to discourage an interested buyer from purchasing your home.

#2. Toilet

This is the same as the bathtub. Your bathroom will be on display for dozens of people in just two hours and you can be sure your bathroom will be looked at very closely. This includes your toilet. You should use bleach and a toilet brush and be sure the toilet is 100% clean before the open house.

#3. Carpet

Vacuum your carpet before the open house and perform spot treatment on any visible stains on the floor. We also recommend you hire a local carpet cleaning company. In San Antonio, we recommend Chem-Dry of Bexar County while there are several Austin, TX services that will effectively remove bacteria and dirt from your carpet.

#4. Garage

Organize your garage before the open house. You should throw out items you don’t use any longer in order to create the impression that there is a lot of wide-open storage space in the garage. You want buyers to feel they can park their vehicles in the garage and be able to use it to store tools or other personal items.

#4. Basement

Similar to the garage, you want to clear all of the clutter from your basement before the open house so buyers get the sense that their will be a lot of storage space available to them if they choose to purchase your home.

#5. Kitchen Floors

You should wipe or mop your hardwood or tile floors in your kitchen. This will help the floor shine when the buyers arrive for your open house. You want to be sure the grout is clean as dirt and grime will build up in the grout and ruin the appearance of your kitchen floor.

#6. Closets

You should clean out your closets and donate items you no longer need. This will make it easier for you to pack for your move when you do sell the home and it will create the idea that the closets in your home will offer plenty of space for a wardrobe and other storage needs.

You should complete this checklist before every open house or each time a buyer is scheduled to tour your home. A clean home will sell much faster than a dirty home will.